Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Few Months Later.....

Oy vey.....I remember reading another RV blog that touched on the idea that no matter what you think repairs will cost, it will always cost more.  And this is where we find ourselves.  Once the carpeting was pulled up out of the living room, including the big slide on the passenger side and the smaller slide on the driver's side, we found way more wood rot than we expected.  We also found where there had been a leak around the water heater.  Bottom line is that there was so much of the floor that will need to be replaced, that it was way more than we (and by that I mean Kim - I'm rather useless when it comes to repairs) can undertake.  The slides will need to come out, and we just don't have the room to undertake such a project.  We got a few quotes on having someone else do the work, and it would cost almost as much as the rig is worth.  It would be hard to put that much money into something and then only have it be worth maybe even less than that.

In 2008, I talked Kim into quitting his job and moving to Hawaii with me. Divine intervention sent us back to the mainland six months later. Kim then talked me into trying the full-time RV lifestyle. It turned out that I loved it. Who knew! Grandkids came along and trumped fulltime RVing.  In between the births, we were able to do some more traveling, but we are now at the point where the older boys are in full day kindergarten.  So many changes going on for them.  We wanted to be here to enjoy it.  So we decided to put our travel plans on hold to embrace more time with our two younger grandsons (2 ½ and 3 years old) as well as the old boys.  What was even a harder decision was coming to the conclusion that there is no point in keeping a trailer that needed major work. Yesterday, we sold it to a guy who had the knowledge and the room to work on the rig.   I'm having a brief pity party because I loved the floor plan of our NuWa Hitchhiker II fifth wheel. 

This blog will be put on hold for the next few years.  Pretty soon, I will be creating my new dream board/treasure map for a brand new motor home but realistically it will be about three years until we are ready to travel again.  Whether I will start a brand new blog for those adventures, or just resurrect this one, I do not know.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, I post occasionally on my other blog, Betsy's Blah Blah Blog, and I hope you will check it out from time to time.

Happy Travels to all!