Saturday, March 3, 2018

Photos From February 2018

Phoenix, AZ

For me, the primary reason for going to the Phoenix area is to visit with family and friends.  It's too bad that we are so busy visiting with family that we forget to take pictures - LOL.  At least I remembered to capture the moment with friends!

Parker Dam, CA

This area is right across the Colorado River from Parker, AZ.  Loved the river, loved the sunrises and sunsets.

University of California-Riverside Botanical Gardens

Oceanside, CA

This is the house from Top Gun where Kelly McGillis' character lived.  How sad it looks now.

After 3 months on the road, we finally caught up with Kim's aunt and uncle!

RV Park Mini Reviews for February 2018

Destiny Phoenix RV Resort - Goodyear, AZ:  We have stayed here before.  It is just a few miles from where family lives, so it makes it very convenient.  It is a little pricey for nightly or weekly stays, and caters primarily to long term snow birds.  It's a very social place.  I would recommend it for anyone who likes this type of camping.  Next year, we will probably look at one of the county parks.

River Lodge RV Resort - Parker Dam, CA:  We have been scoping this place out for years.  You know how you build things up in your mind, and then the reality hits, and disappointment sinks in.  Yep, well, that's what happened.  Let me be clear.  The place itself is fine.  If you are a golfer, you will love it, because it has a 9 hole course, and it is free with your space rent.  The RV sites are of decent size.  We had excellent satellite reception for Direct TV.  And the weather for the 9 days we were there was wonderful.  Our huge problem is the total lack of cell and wifi service.  That just did not work for us.  We even purchased the park wifi package, but it was slow and sometimes it would not connect at all.  For some people this might be okay, but for us, not so much.  It is a very social group here among the long-term snowbirds.  Everyone one was friendly, but we just did not fit in.  It was too bad, because on the surface, this place ticked off most of our boxes.  The other down size is that it is 12 miles into Parker - if you have a big ass truck that will not fit going over the Parker Dam Road.

Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails - Menifee, CA:  One of our favorite parks in the Thousand Trails system.  Not sure why exactly.  It is in the middle of some small farms as well as residential areas.  There is close in shopping.  The sites on the 30 amp side are of good size.  There is a 50 amp area with sites a little closer together but not bad.  If we were here in the summer and wanted to run AC units, we might consider that area.  During this visit, we drove around, just exploring the area.  We did take a trip up to the UC-Riverside Botanical gardens, which was a nice half day excursion.  And the highlight was finally catching up with husband's aunt and uncle.  We met for lunch and a stroll on the beach in Oceanside.

Orange Grove RV Park - Bakersfield, CA:  I have read about this park for years, and we finally decided to give it a try.  We left Menifee, CA and came up north on I-215 to I-15, cut off at Hwy 395, over to Hwy 58 and down into Bakersfield.  The park is an easy exit off of 58, and I was surprised given how close we were that there was very little traffic noise.  Check in was quick and easy.  Orange trees by every site.  You are free to pick the oranges and the park even provides the picking tools to reach the ones high up in the tree.  The nightly cost came to about $40 and I thought was a fair price for FHUs, convenience and oranges!  Unfortunately, I failed to take a photo of our site :(

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Photos From January 2018

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge - Cibola, AZ

I can't wait to go back here again.  We had someone hiking in front of us that was a little loud, and although they saw lots of other birds and animals, those same birds and animals had retreated by the time we got there, 2 minutes later. (Insert sad face here)

Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite is an experience in and of itself.  Come January, there is a huge gathering of RV fanatics and rock hounds that take over the small town.  There are big tents with all sorts of vendors.  I read that more than 2 million people descend on this area during January and February.  I think the year-round population is somewhere in the 2000 range.  Quartzsite is an experience every RVer should try, at least once.  The first time we went was in the middle of the Big RV Show, and it was overwhelming.  This year, we went just as the rock and gem people were starting, and the RV show was two weeks away.  If you are an introvert like me, this is definitely more doable.

Below is the monument to "Hi Jolly" a camel driver hired by the US Army to lead an experiment in using camels in desert situations.  The experiment largely failed because the other pack animals used by the US Army, mules, donkeys, etc, were frightened of the large camels.

Vendors and more vendors

Tucson, AZ
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - The hummingbirds were nesting.
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Hummingbird Exhibit

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Hummingbird Exhibit

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park-Cardinal

Catalina State Park-Gila Woodpecker

Catalina State Park-Coyote

Catalina State Park - Verdin

Catalina State Park - Roadrunner

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Wolf Exhibit

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Mule Deer

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Burrowing Owl