Sunday, December 13, 2009

South Mountain Park in Phoenix

Yesterday, at the suggestion of Kim's dad, Warren, we took a drive to the Dobbins Trail Outlook at the top of South Mountain Park here in Phoenix.  South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the country.  The day was overcast, so the pictures aren't as far reaching as I would have liked, but here they are.

Looking down onto the central valley

At the top of the lookout

Kim and Warren at South Mountain, Phoenix

Down the otherside of the mountain (looking south)

Looking toward Tempe and Mesa

It is a slow 5-10mph drive up to the top, with lots of curves.  You need to watch for the bicyclists coming down the mountain, sometimes they cut the corners.  We had a few close calls.

Taken from the truck as we were leaving.  One of buildings by the Ranger Station at the entrance to the park.

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