Sunday, January 24, 2010

Earp, California and Quartzsite, Arizona

We camped 3 nights at the Emerald Cove Resort along the Colorado River.  It's a large park, over 700 spots I think.  The place was packed for the MLK Holiday Weekend.  I was afraid it was going to loud and a party park.  Actually, it was very pleasant and quiet.  Beautiful putt putt golf course.  Two pools.  Two spas.  Lovely back in sites along the river.  Unfortunately, these are reserved for members of the Colorado River Adventures campgrounds.  We stayed there under an RPI membership.  It was adequate and the spaces large enough to accomodate our 3 slides. 

While there, we made a trip into Quartzsite for the Rock and Mineral Show and the RV show.  Never in my life have I seen so many RVs on the road, and campground after campground filled along with all the folks dry camping on BLM land.  Oh my goodness.  It was a sight to see.  And that was it....a sight!  The place was packed full of vendors of all things - not just RV related or gem related.  It reminded me of the vendor areas at a huge state fair.  Not much rhyme or reason to where things were.  I'm filing this under the heading of Been There, Done That, Don't Need To Do It Again.  On a positive note, if you are looking for large crystal geodes, or are a jewelry designer/beader - you will find great prices on things.  If you own a metaphysical store, prices on bracelets and necklaces were very very good as well.

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We also took a ride up to Lake Havasu City as well.  We had driven through on our way from Laughlin to Phoenix, but we were towing the 5th wheel and unable to stop to see the London Bridge.  It really was amazing to see the bridge reconstructed there.  There is a replica of London Town, a shopping area, under the bridge.  Worth a stop to see and snap a few pictures.

We also stopped to take pictures at the Earp, California post office.  Yes, the town is named after Wyatt Earp, who homesteaded in the area while he was working some gold mines just south of here.  There is a picture of Wyatt on the building, and we stopped to see if Kurt Russell or Kevin Costner looked more like the real Wyatt Earp.  If you care, IMHO it would be Kurt Russell.

Next stop:  Yuma, Arizona

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