Friday, January 24, 2014

We've Not Been Travelling In The RV For A Few Years......

does that mean we are still virgins?   Well, if not virgins, certainly we are in need of more experience.  I prefer experience of the "good" know, the kind where you read about some problem and its solution before it happens to you!

We are about six weeks out from hitting the road again for a journey to California and Arizona.  Both Kim and I are busy reading other blogs and checking out websites.  I've got half the trip planned with our longer destinations being the Santa Cruz area, San Diego, Phoenix and Cottonwood, AZ.  We may be traveling by the seat of our pants on our way home, depending on weather and how much we miss seeing the grandkids.  That's the hardest part of us - missing the day to day interactions with those little buggers.  However, the traveling itch has struck and it must be tended to.

If you have any must sees in the areas we will be visiting, please do let us know.

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