Sunday, June 8, 2014

More From Thousand Trails in Leavenworth

We got home on Friday and were overwhelmed with love from the grandsons, so I am just now getting around to downloading pictures from my camera from our trip to Leavenworth and surrounding areas.

Here are a few shots from around the campground.  The first two are from the Lake View section of the park.  I was happy that the heron cooperated by standing still and giving me a profile shot.  The lodge here is available to rent. It has space to seat about 150, plus there are bedrooms and a kitchen available as well.  This campground also has cabins and houses for rent.  Great for family reunions, especially if part of the family does not embrace the camping/RV lifestyle.  (A side note:  I did not take any pictures of the Timber View area.  Those campsites were just okay in my opinion, close to the road and nothing really worthwhile to photograph.)

And a few additional shots from around our campsite in the Meadow View area.

And some shots from our drive into the town of Leavenworth.  Originally a logging town, Leavenworth adopted its current Bavarian theme in the 1960s, and it's been attracting visitors from all over the world ever since. Seasonal events include the Art in the Park and Christmas Lighting.   There are delightful little shops and restaurants as well as lots of opportunities for wine tasting.  We had driven into town for breakfast, and it was a little too early for wine tasting, even for me.

Upstream of the Wenatchee River along Highway 2

Downstream of the Wenatchee River along Highway 2

The Tumwater Dam

One of the side streets in Leavenworth.  There are gorgeous hanging flower baskets all over.  I was so jealous!  Mine don't look anything like that.

A new friend I met at the two story Kris Kringle Shoppe!

This is a campground I would visit again.  It would be too hot for me in the summer and too cold in the winter, but early fall and late spring will be perfect!

I think our next Thousand Trails experience will be at Thunderbird in Monroe.  This is only 20 minutes from our house.  They have a few sites that back up onto the river.  I have gallbladder surgery scheduled week after next, but I think the following week would be perfect as I recuperate!

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