Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Camping and Pinterest

On our recent camping trip to Thousand Trails in LaConner, Washington, I tried out two things I had found on Pinterest.

1)  Roasted marshmallows dipped in Baileys.  This was a definite keeper, and something I will try again.  We roasted the marshmallows over the barbecue and it really is not the same as doing it over a campfire, but the Baileys was quite tasty!

2)  A DIY bug spray to discourage mosquitoes.  Fill a 4 oz spray bottle with original Listerine, and spray around the campsite, on the chairs, rugs, tents, etc.  We sprayed our hats and our shoes as well.  This worked fairly well, in combination with a citronella candle.  I'm guessing that Deep Woods Off works better, but if you do not like the idea of spraying these chemicals on your skin, give the Listerine a try.

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