Friday, April 10, 2015

RV Show at the Evergreen County Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA

We are probably a year away from buying a brand new rig, but we do spend a lot of time looking at floor plans and checking out different 5th wheels.  There are so many brands, and so many levels of quality.  What we have determined is that if we are going to full time it for 5-10 years (that's the current plan anyway), we are going to want what we want.  While cost is important, it will not be a deal breaker.

Right now we have a 2005 NuWa Hitchhiker II LS.  We love the floor plan and are looking for something similar but with a W&D connection that isn't crammed into the bathroom.

For whatever reason, the dealers did not bring the "new" fifth wheels to the show.  I guess the newest models won't be arriving until June.  Some of the sales people we talked to said they had new rigs at their permanent locations, and we should stop by and see them there.  For the ones we talked to that actually listened to what we were looking for, we will be stopping by at some point.  For the ones that didn't listen, and just wanted to push whatever they had on hand, well, we won't be your customers.  Your loss.

We've narrowed down our major front runners to Forest River, Arctic Fox and DRV.  The Forest River models at the show were not the top of the line, and the ones that were there were used rigs, more than a few years old with floor plans that were no longer available.  Arctic Fox said their new rigs would be coming in this June.  We will be following up with them then.  I'm one of those people that can read reviews and become educated about the quality of the finishings, but I really need to see it and get a feel for it before I can make a decision.  DRV did have one rig there that I liked.  If I ordered from the factory, there might be a few things I'd see if we could customize.  Like I said, if I'm going to live in something full time for 10 years, then I am going to want what I want.

Here are a few pictures I took of the DRV Mobile Suites rig.  I think this was a 2014 model (or maybe even a 2013).  The inside pictures did not turn out as well as I would have liked, but they will do.  At least it did have the rear window that we want.  We would take out the couch and put in swivel recliners, so we can enjoy the view.

Not the best show I have ever attended, but it was free for us with comped tickets from the sponsors website and the parking was free.  The other plus was I got in half of 10,000 steps for the day climbing in and out of the various rigs!

Our rig is still in the state of disrepair.  I praying for a June finish date.  In the meantime, if I can't be camping, I can certainly be dreaming about our next rig!

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