Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And A Year Or So Later...........

Bedroom done!  Living room to go!

With any luck, there will be no "surprises" when we lift up the living room carpet!


  1. Did you guys do your own carpeting? How do you carpet under the bed? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Yes, "we" did our own carpeting, and by "we" I mean Kim. I'm pretty useless when it comes to fix-it problems. We had wood rot/water damage in the bedroom slide, so the bed had to come out for the new flooring to be put down. There is carpeting under the bed, but no padding. Interestingly, Kim had forgotten that there was no carpeting under the dresser originally. Just adding the carpet has raised the dresser enough that the end of the mattress no longer is smooshed into the dresser when the slide is in.

    Next up will be the living room. This should be easier as the water damage is in just the slide, I think. Kim will have to replace the flooring in the slide and somehow jack up with support beams. We've had slide issues on the "passenger side" (right) slide since one of our first trips. It will be nice to have it resolved.

    Kim took on this project, thinking it would be "fun". I'm sure he enjoyed using his problem solving skills, but I think he experienced more frustration than fun. Hopefully, this part of the project won't take as long. Once this completed, we need new tires, and then we will at least be able to use the rig again.