Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heading Over to 101

When we found out we were heading home sooner than we had originally planned, the first reference I checked was the Farmers Almanac.  I wanted to know what the forecast was for snow in the Siskiyous.  We were in luck and it appeared we would be able to get by without having to worry about snow or incliment weather.  Okay, we'll go I-5 all the way.  But wait, you are apparently required to carry chains when going over the pass, not only for the truck, but also for the trailer.  Quick pricing looked like we would have to spend over $200 on chains that we probably wouldn't use.  There we were, caught in the Catch 22.  We had to have chains to take I-5, but if we needed chains, we wouldn't take that route.  So forget I-5, we are going up 101.  I've never been on that section of 101, and I was really looking forward to it, but I was also concerned about the road - I'd heard it was curvy and twisty.

Well, let me just say, as I repeated to Kim over and over and over - Oh My God - I am so glad we came this way.  Each part of the drive, from the short section of I-5, over Highway 12, and then a series of weird interchanges on a bunch of interstates (thank God for GPS), we finally were on Highway 101.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The wine country, rolling hills, and into the Redwoods.  Really, I can't wait to go back and spend some time just driving around this area.

Here are some pictures I snapped from the car on the drive. 

Too bad there were cars behind us on this section - I'd have just asked Kim to stop so I could get a good picture.  It was a nice long section of canopied redwoods.

Ah, the Pacific.  I did miss you!

We had just passed a herd of elk in a large field, and came upon this straggler, all by himself in someone's front yard.

By the way, both Kim and I had expected 2 lane, rough road.  We were pleasantly surprised to find 4 lanes of well paved road almost all the way.  I just loved this drive!

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