Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Next Stop, Manteca California

When we headed south, for me, the most boring part of the drive was coming down I-5 through the Imperial Valley.  This surprised me because years before when we had driven from Washington to Alabama, I had really enjoyed this section of I-5.  Perhaps it was the difference between driving down in June and driving down in November.  I talked Kim into taking Highway 99 all the way up to Manteca.  The drive was much more interesting as far as things to see and changing scenery.  The highway gets a 7 out of 10 rating.  Most of the road was good to really good 4 to 6 lane highway.  We did notice that often times the road wasn't as well maintained as it went through the various towns and cities.  Our guess is that those city budgets did not have extra funds for maintaining the highways.  It was pretty bumpy and hard on the bladder.  This was not the day to have 3 cups of coffee!

We had elected to stay in the Stockton area because Kim's brother had recently moved to the area for a new job.  We wanted to stop and see Tom and have dinner with him.

We used our RPI membership to stay at the Thousand Trails Turtle Beach reserve for $10 that night..  We got in just before sunset and only had time to do basic set up before Tom arrived.  This reserve is another nice setting.  Nice wide spaces - enough for the rig, the truck, a picnic table and a tent (if we had one).  I know we'll come back and spend more time here later in the year.   I only wish we'd had time to walk along the delta and explore a bit.   My only complaint would be the 2 mile road leading to the resort.  It is very narrow and I'd hate to meet another big rig coming the other direction.

I could have sworn I took pictures of our site, but I can't find them on the camera.  It was a long day, maybe I just thought I took pictures......

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