Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who Knew Dry Ice Was So Expensive?

Well, not as expensive as a new refrigerator, but it also does not last as long.  The remanufactored unit has not yet arrived, so we are keeping things in the refrigerator and freezer cool using dry ice.  It works very well actually, and saves us from having to run into our daughter's house multiple times a day for food.  We are a snacking bunch.  Unfortunately, ice cream does not keep well.  Why is it that one always wants ice cream just before bed?  Perhaps I shall lose a few pounds this way?  Come on Fed Ex - I want my refrigerator to work again!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

As President Barlett says on West Wing, 'What's Next?'

The next lesson in owning a RV is upon me. This morning I noticed the thermometer in the refrigerator was going up. I checked all the usual things, ie: fuses, breakers, voltages where there is supposed to be voltages.

Phase 2, check online. Where would we be these days without the world wide web?

After about 15 minutes of searching I confirmed my problem. A cracked weld in the cooling unit piping has let all the ammonia escape. Dometic, the manufacturer, has a recall for several models, including mine. Unfortunately, their 'fix' only addresses the possible fire hazard the leaking ammonia can cause and nothing to actually fix cracked pipe.

So, back to the internet and more searching. A new refrigerator is about $1200 plus shipping and you have to go pick it up at the freight company's warehouse, or a remanufactured cooling unit for about $550 with shipping to your door, and from all I learned online, pretty easy to install.

New/remanufactured cooling unit ordered and on it's way.

Stay tuned for the follow-up blog on how the actual replacement job turns out.