Monday, September 22, 2014

RV Repair Update Or Hey, What's New On TV

Well, there is no RV repair update.  Kim is still working on it.   A tremendous amount of his "working" apparently involves thinking and research.  And honestly, I understand this and it is not a criticism on my part, but I have a serious case of itchy feet syndrome.  I'm ready to be back on the road, and sitting on my ass somewhere other than home.  I'm just frustrated.  I'm a full believer in measure twice, cut once, and I am very appreciative that Kim is researching and learning the best ways to make the repairs.  I know it is saving us a lot of money.  I'm just in a grumbling kind of mood, and I'm a tad bit jealous of the other RV bloggers who are writing about the places they are going and things they are seeing.  And to top things off, I had planned to spend the morning weeding and getting mulch on the flower beds, and I looked out the window to see rain, rain and more rain, even though the forecast was for sunny skies and 74.  Now, I'm just pouting.

The Fall TV schedule has begun - the highlight of my week so far.  I started to watch Debra Messing in The Mysteries Of Laura.  I may have made it to the second commercial.  I recorded it, so if there is nothing else on, I may give it another try, but I doubt it.  I'd rather watch a rerun of CSI or Law and Order: SVU or The Closer.

Madam Secretary with Tea Leoni was another story.  Great plot line, although I felt like I had seen most of the first episode in the trailers.  I like the character.  I love the writing.  And they left me with an intense scene that will insure that I tune in next week.

Tonight we will be enjoying the new seasons of Big Bang Theory, The Voice, and one of my very favorites - The Blacklist (James Spader is so deliciously evil).  I'm looking forward to The Scorpion.