Monday, March 9, 2015

Maintaining Two Blogs - Time For A Hiatus

Why do I have two blogs? That's the question I often ask myself.  It certainly isn't to produce income.  I've never mastered that, and it really isn't a motivating factor for me.  I had started my other blog, Betsy's Blah Blah Blog , back when I first retired.  I started this blog - RV Virgins - when my husband and had purchased a used 5th wheel trailer and were beginning our road trips.  Then grandkids happened, and we found ourselves traveling less, and babysitting more.  We are still traveling less, but now we are babysitting less as well.  We aren't quite ready for full timing, but we are spending more and more time thinking about it, and preparing for it.  This last month I have been digging through boxes and boxes of things I packed away after my mother passed away.  It is time that all this "stuff" finds a new home where someone will enjoy it.  Our list of things to fix, repair, upgrade, paint, etc.,  is growing and growing as we prepare to think about putting the house on the market.  The weeds are growing and growing; why is it that my green thumb only applies to weeds?  Kim continues to poke away at getting the trailer ready for what now looks like some summer time traveling, at least in Washington and Oregon.  I'm a little antsy, but there is nothing I can do about it.

As you see, I do have a tendency to get side tracked.  As I was saying, I'm trying to decide why I have two blogs.  One is to share RV experiences.  And one is for other stuff....thus the blah blah in the title.  So as I have little to say about RV experiences for the time being, this blog will be on hiatus until we are on the road again.  I appreciate all of you who have read and perhaps enjoyed our posts.  I hope to catch up with you again sometime.

If you are interested in keeping up with the goings on in our lives, my painting, recipes, spiritual topics, rants and raves, please do stop by to visit Betsy's Blah Blah Blog.

Wishing you pleasant journeys!