Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inside the Rig

For those of you that asked, here are some inside shots.  The door is about 1/3 back from the end of the overhang (front of the 5th wheel that hangs over the bed of the truck).

Entering the door and turning left to go up the stairs toward the bedroom at the front of the trailer.

The queen bed and the 'dresser' with 4 drawers and 3 cupboards (Middle cupboard houses the bedroom TV).  Two full closets are to the right of the bed, and have mirrored doors (unable to get a picture without having a picture of me taking a picture of the closets).

After you come up the stairs, but before you reach the bedroom, the bathroom is on the left.  Here is the 2 storage cabinets.  If we had them, the washer and dryer would fit in one of the cabinets.  I wanted the storage space instead of the washer and dryer.  To the left of the storage is the shower.  And to the left of shower is the vanity.  I did not take a picture of the toliet, which is to the right of the cabinets, with a towel rack and a upper cabinet.  You can use your imagination.

Back down the stairs, we have a cabinet and 4 drawers and the refrigerator/freezer, and kitchen.

To the left of the galley/kitchen, we have the pantry, and the cabinets that hold the audio/video equipment including the wireless printer.  The flat screen TV is mounted on a cabinet door.

(This view is from my recliner)

To the right of the TV, is the dining table, which doubles as Kim's work/computer station.

Across from the dining area is Betsy's desk, which in this picture is unusually cleaned off.

And our relaxing areas - the recliners which face the TV, but also swivel so we can look out the back window whenever there is a worthy view.

I hope you enjoyed our little home tour.  To give you a size idea, the rig is 33' long and has about 334 sq feet of living space with the slides out.  The dining table and my desk are in the living room slides.  The bed is part of the other slide, and when it is in, the bottom of the bed butts up to the dresser.

At some point, I may give tours of the 'basement'.  LOL - this is what we call the storage area underneath the rig, where we store stuff - like tools, leveling blocks, tire chocks, hoses, electrical cords, and assorted stuff.

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your photos, Betsy! Looks like you guys have a great truck and trailer..beautiful. Lots of fun and adventures await you eh. *~:) Keep balanced and centered and surrounded with White Light! Love & Light, Dallas