Friday, November 27, 2009

Playing The Waiting Game

Here I sit at Kim's brother's house, a week and one day after the electronics incident.   Why do these things happen around long weekends/holidays?

We did get an electrician out to confirm that the problem was indeed with a short in the water heater.  We have filed a claim with the extended warrenty insurer, and are waiting to hear back about how to proceed. 

We went ahead and ordered a new converter, so Kim is out at the park installing that, assisted by his dad and his youngest brother.  I'm playing the waiting game at Tom's house - which is a pretty nice place to be.  I'm having a love/hate relationship with Farkle, and probably drinking too much coffee in between snacking on Thanksgiving left-overs.

Allegedly, once the converter is installed, we can recharge the batteries.  I forget what the batteries run - the lights I guess.  We can heat water using propane, and I believe the refrigerator is okay to use with electric (and if not, propane is available). 

Keeping my fingers crossed that we can move back out to our 'home' later today.  And with any luck, the insurance adjustors are working today, so we do not have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to hear about the other things that we damaged in the incident.

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