Sunday, November 22, 2009

The RV Honeymoon Is Over

I suppose it was not realistic that we could just not have a single problem ever with a rig.  Well, we had the whole thermostat issue, where the heat wanted to set itself at 94, but that was nothing compared to what happened the other night.  Thursday night, we were sitting in our recliners, watching TV, minding our own business, when the lamp on the wall started flickering and the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to our computers started beeping.  The UPS will beep anytime power is cut, no matter how briefly.  It gives you 15 minutes to shut down your computer(s) and not lose any data.  Usually it happens when we've overloaded the kitchen breaker - like the space heater, the tea kettle, and the hair dryer.  Or when we lose power because of weather, etc.  Nothing was going on that night.  We re-set the power supply, and took a look at the other rigs around us.  They all  had power.   Must be gremlins.

Less then an hour later, boom, it happens again, accompanied by a big pop.  Next thing we know, there is smoke coming out of the dvd player and the UPS.  We quickly unplugged the computers and the dvd player.  Kim flipped the main electrical breaker so we were just on battery power.  Now smoke is coming out from the converter box and the water heater.  WTF!  I'm outta here! 

We called Kim's brother Tom and invited ourselves to spend the night.  We told our neighbor Gary what had happened, and left a note for the management.  We packed up a bag, grabbed out computers, unplugged everything and headed to Laveen.

Friday morning, Kim called Pioneer Park for a referral to a local repair person.  He was not an electrician, but he and Kim did do some checking of 'stuff' and concurred that an electrician was needed.

Saturday, Kim and his dad, Warren, went back out to the park and did some more tinkering.  Long story short, we think the hot water tank was leaking and caused a short, and that 's where I quit understanding what Kim was talking about.  Something to do with 110 and 240 and batteries and grounds.  I'll let Kim do the detailed explanation.

As I write this, it's Sunday morning.  We are still at Tom's.  Hopefully we will get an electrician out to the rig tomorrow to fix it.  Very thankful for our extended warranty.  I'm crossing my fingers that it will cover the electronics that are now toast (dvd, flat screen tv, UPS) not to mention the converter panel, the refrigerator and the water heater. 

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