Friday, July 4, 2014

Holiday Camping

I avoid it!  For me, this is one of the joys of being retired.  My "vacations" are not limited to those weeks where I can combine a paid holiday to my earned vacation time in order to get more time off.  When I was working full time, I always reserved the 3 days before Thanksgiving in order to have 9 days off in a row.

We are at home this 4th of July, as we usually are for the holidays.  There are enough people without any common sense when it comes to fireworks in our own area, I don't need to visit anywhere else to see them.

Actually, I have a split opinion about fireworks.  I grew up in Seattle, when the "Safe and Sane Fireworks" were allowed.  I saved my allowance for months waiting for the fireworks stands to open. We lived on a dead end street, and all the kids in the neighborhood would gather at the end of the road where there were no houses and we'd set off our fireworks, one at a time.  There was always at least two parents supervising, and lots of buckets of water.  Never once did any of us get hurt.  I loved it and consider it one of the joys of my childhood.

As an adult, I must admit I view it all a little differently.  For one thing, we now live closer to an Indian Reservation which sells all sorts of crazy things.  Frankly, I'm pretty tired of hearing all the M-80s go off.  What is so frigging cool about a loud boom?  Is it a guy thing?  I'm also now a home owner with small grandkids that visit.  I'm more worried about property damage and my babies being hurt than anything.  And I won't even get started on irresponsible pet owners that subject their poor animals to all these fireworks that scare the bejezzus about of those pets. (People, keep your pets inside, in a small enclosed small space where they feel safe - add some music turned up to calm them down.)

But back to camping....I'm hoping a number of people took the 4 days off before the holiday to extend their vacation, because we are leaving Monday for Thousand Trails Mt Vernon.  We scoped it out a few weeks ago, and I have a large selection of spots circled on my map.  Not many spots with sewer hook-ups, so I will have to be careful with my water use.  Our kitchen gray water tank holds 28 gallons, and I apparently use it up quickly, so my husband tells me.

Wishing everyone a lovely and safe 4th of July!  I'm off to devil some eggs and wait for the grandkids to arrive.

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