Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thousand Trails Mount Vernon/Bow - At First Glance

We arrived at this TT preserve yesterday.  We had driven through the preserve a few weeks ago, and already had some camp sites picked out.  We found B39 open and found it to be a spacious site.

There are trees and shrubs between most all of the campsites here.

This is the amount of space be have behind our rig.

My only real complaint so far has been that there are an unduly number of horse flies.  We've talked with the management and it seems that they last for about 1-2 weeks and then disappear for the season.  Unfortunately, we picked "the" week to be here.  And also unfortunately, someone who will not be named (what the hell - KIM) forgot to pack the screened cabana.

There are a number of annual leased sites here.  Just as in Leavenworth, they are well maintained and people have done lots of upgrades in their sites - i.e. brought in gravel, potted plants, bird feeders, etc.  I think I would consider leasing a site as soon as I find "the" park that feels like home to me.  I'd have to love it to lease (with a slight nod to HGTV's show - Love It Or List It).

More of a review at the end of our stay.

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