Sunday, July 13, 2014

Somewhere Between FHUs and Boondocking

This last week, I had my first experience RVing without full hook ups for more than an overnight.  Our galley gray water tank has a capacity of 28 gallons; the bathroom has a 50 gallon tank.

I admit, I am not a good water conservationist.  I run a lot of water when I do dishes (and yes, I am one of "those" people that pretty much washes the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher at home).  Therefore, I had to really plan and think about what I was going to cook.  How much could I just do on the grill?  How much could be done in the microwave in disposable bowls or on a paper towel?  We elected to use mostly paper plates and bowls on this trip.  We did use regular silverware.  We used paper cups, except for alcohol, which IMHO requires regular glassware to be thoroughly enjoyed.

As far as showers, we had to limit them to every other day.  Yes, I could have used the showers in the restrooms at the park, but that is uncomfortable for me.  I'd rather just do a quick wipe down with a clean washcloth in the privacy of my own rig.  I did make use of a large plastic bowl.  I filled it with water I had heated in the tea kettle.  I used this to soak my washcloth.  When I was done, I dumped the water into the black tank.  I did a similar routine on my shower days.  I used the shower head to get myself wet all over.  Then I turned off the water and used the bowl method for wetting down the washcloth and lathering up the soap.  I turned the water back on, rinse off, and once again dumped any left over water in the bowl into the toilet.

I pleased to say that between the two of us, we managed to fill both tanks only two-thirds full over a 5 day/4 night stay.

I read blogs of people who boondock regularly, and I have to admit I am impressed.  We do have a blue buddy type set up we can use, so I know I could manage if I have to.  It just seems like such a large amount of work for Kim. The water conservation part would be very hard for me.  I am way on the low end of that learning curve.

If you had asked me earlier this year, I would have said there was no way I would go boondocking.  Then I read a blog that made me realize I really shouldn't say I don't like something until I try it.  I like the idea of being out away from things and people, to sit outside undisturbed, to see the night sky without interference from street lights.  I'm working my way up to giving it a try.  Now I know I can do 4 nights without dumping the gray water tanks.  Next step will be learning to minimalize the amount of electricity I use so that running a generator can take care of our "needs".  I will have to re-define what are actually "needs".  The electric tea kettle?  The computers?  The TV?  The DVR?  The satellite dish?

Right now, given the choice, I would choose full hook ups.  However, I am willing to give other options a try ..... from time to time anyway.

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