Friday, January 30, 2015

Saying Goodbye To Parenthood

And I'm crying my eyes out, darn it!

I feel quite different from most RV bloggers whose adventures I read about.  I do not hike. I do not ride bikes.  I don't even socialize very much.  I do, however, watch a lot of TV.  I do this not because I consider myself lazy, but because I really enjoy the medium.  Many people I know are big fans of going to the theatre for movies or live performances.  I prefer to stay home and watch things on TV.

This year we are seeing series finales of quite a few of my favorite shows.  We've said goodbye to Sons of Anarchy earlier this year.  Last night, it was Parenthood.  And yes, I'm a sap; I cried throughout most of the episode.  Such touching moments they were able to capture.  And Max Burkholder, the actor that has played Max, a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome, deserves an award for his performances.  It was a lot of dialogue done in monotone with a straight face, and he captured his character in an outstanding way.  I will miss this program.

Also to say goodbye this season will be The Mentalist and Justified.  So far this season, I've found The Mentalist to be boring.  It is like they lost their original writing team, and have now just taken the easy way out.  I've been able to easily predict what is coming, and I do hate it when that happens.  Now Justified, on the other hand, is looking to give us a great final season.  We are only two episodes into it, but I've enjoyed them both immensely.

I do, however, take great pleasure in knowing that there are many RVers out there who will be enjoying TV this weekend - whether in their own rigs, in the clubhouse, or in a local bar/tavern.  Of course, I'm talking about the Super Bowl.  So I will end this post with a shout out to all the 12ers around the country - GO HAWKS!

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