Sunday, April 6, 2014

Odds and Ends: Pedicures, Outside TVs, And Other Random Thoughts

I've read a number of blogs where people new to the RV lifestyle ask about how their lives will be different.  Part of it always seems to be wishful thinking (i.e. I'll be able to do this and this and this) and part of it is fear based thinking (the dreaded what-ifs).  While I still consider myself a virgin in the world of RVing, I do have some experience.  This is our second long trip (greater than 7 weeks) and we did live full time in our rig (for 15 months) while it was parked in our driveway and later at a local park, because our daughter and her family were renting our home.  The thing I have learned is that what you do in your own home, you will do in your RV.  You might be just a tad bit more adventurous; you might be a little more lax in your housekeeping; you might sleep in a bit or stay up later than usual; however, if you are a couch potato, you will stay a couch potato; if you are someone who loves to be out doing things, you will find things to be out doing.

I'm a couch potato.  I love to read, watch TV, watch movies.  I sketch and I paint, not well, mind you, but I enjoy doing it.  I don't hike. I don't ride bikes. I don't go sightseeing (I probably would but this is one of the things my husband HATES to do, so I have let it slide and realized I will most likely never been one of those that window shops, visits little boutiques or art galleries.  I can occasionally squeeze in a Visitors Center somewhere, or maybe one little shop but it will be the kind of store that will have at least one thing my husband will find somewhat interesting.

Under the heading of wishful thinking:  I always intend to head off on these road trips planning to find "the place" where I will be inspired to write.  I have been working on a mystery novel for years.  I don't find time to write at home, why do I think I will find time or inspiration to write on the road?  I read all the blogs that show great photographs of very cool looking hikes that I make note of, but honestly, if I could find my way to a paved half-mile trail with a view of something, I'd be in 7th heaven.  More than a half mile on flat pavement, and I'm probably not going to do that.  I don't do it in Washington (and I have the book on easy hikes in my area), why do I think I will do it anywhere else?  Riding bikes at a leisurely pace always looks so much but I have never found a bicycle seat that was anywhere close to comfortable.  I do manage to meet up with long time friends who are spread out around the country, and we do manage to eat some great food and laugh up a storm, but that is something I would do at home.  One of my goals at some point is to attempt to boondock.  I'm working my way up to it.  So far I've experienced a few nights without a sewer hook up.  That's as far as I've gotten.  I know the next step will be to do without electricity and water.

Which brings us to fear based thinking.  What, no TV, no internet?  My husband assures me that I can learn to go without a shower every day.  He's pretty sure we can plan meals that will not require using every pot and pan we own (which would then require washing).  He even says our generator will provide enough electricity to run the TV and the computers.  I think he is lying.  Eventually, I will have to give it a try.  How can I know I won't like it, if I don't try it.  I never thought I'd like living in an RV or staying in RV Parks, etc., but here we are.  And trust me, if I didn't like it, I would not be doing it.

And speaking of TVs, I always thought those rigs that had the TVs outside were so cool.  In my mind, I pictured watching football or baseball games while sitting tailgate party with all the comforts of home.  I didn't think about people sitting outside watching TV at night, with the volume turned up pretty loud.  Yes, we are parked next to someone who does that.  If I had not experienced this, I would not have known how annoying it is.  I could easily see myself doing the same thing.  And I'm a TV addict.  I watch all sorts of crap along with the good stuff.  OMG, how awful it would be to be camped next to me, if I had an outside TV.  No fears, dear readers, the outside TV is now off my wish-list for our next rig.  I am holding out for one with two toilets though.....and wouldn't a dishwasher be nice?  I have one with two legs, and he does a very nice job, but for him, I'd wish for an automatic one.  So much for was a nice thought.

And pedicures - are you wondering what I have to share about those?  I saw a sign in the window of a rig a few weeks ago advertising pedicures for $10 and manicures for $15.  The manicures I can understand, but pedicures?  I'm wondering if this gal (and I just assumed it was a gal) had one of those vibrating massage chairs with the foot basins in her rig, or if it was just a rubbermaid bucket of warm soapy water?  The price was right, that's for sure.  I think if we go back to that park, I will check it out.

We are off to the in-laws for some extended visiting.  Thank God my DirecTV DVR will be doing it's thing, recording all those wonderful shows for me to watch when we get back.  Lord I love FHUs!

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