Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thousand Trails Verde Valley, Arizona

When we first drove in  here, I was a little skeptical.  Many of the spots looked very close together.  We were looking for two spots side by side, as Kim's aunt and uncle were going to be camping with us.  But this was a little too close. 

As it turned out, we found two spaces side by side with some grassy space in between.

Here is the laundry room.  The machines do use the dreaded laundry cards that you have to buy at the store.  I think we will be visiting the laundromat in Cottonwood instead, although these are pretty clean looking, newer machines.

This is the main lodge with pool tables, pingpong, card tables, jigsaw puzzles, and TV.

They have a nice putt putt golf course.

There are lots of places to walk your dog around here; this is the only off leash area though.

Here is one of the rental cabins.  There is a big porch/deck off the back with a great view.

And the pool area.

The restrooms by the pool area.

This is a picture of Section A and the parking lot for the pool and family lodge.

We've been here two days now, and the park is growing on me.  It is very quiet. With the set up between our two rigs, we have plenty of shade in the afternoon.  And we've been enjoying the afternoon breeze, especially with the temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. 

 Here is Betsy and Kim's Aunt Maria enjoying happy hour this evening.

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