Thursday, April 17, 2014

Redding, California

I'm happy to report that we had a non-eventful trip from Stockton to Redding.  We had intended to be on the road by 9am, but a tanker fuel truck came to fill the fuel tanks at the marina, and we were blocked in.  We took it in stride - what else can you do.  We kicked back and watched the action on the delta - scullers, fisherman, a small Coast Guard boat, birds and a river otter.  We hit I-5 northbound about 10:20am.

A few comments about the evening at Riverpoint Landing Marina and RV Resort.  I can imagine that it gets pretty loud there during the summer when school is out and the weather is very warm.  As it was on this spring evening, our neighbor was having a good old time with his buddy, but things quieted down about 9:30ish.  In the middle of the night, I was awakened by what I thought was someone yelling "Help, Help, Help".  The only thing was that it repeated in the same tone, sometimes sounding closer, sometimes sounding further away.  The tone never changed, and there were no other words like you might expect "Somebody - help me."  Just "Help, Help, Help".  At some point, I figured it had to be a bird.  There was no action from any of the other rigs in the park, so I went back to sleep.  Geez, I hope it was a bird......

We never did get our satellite dish to connect, and for that reason, we will probably not return to this park.  If you are not a TV addict like me, you may like it there.

My other comment is that the lovely tree lined road that you take to get to the marina has 3 lanes in each direction.  You will want to stay in the middle lane.  Some of the branches on those trees were low hanging.  Also, the roots of the trees have grown under the road so the road is very lumpy.  I think the speed limit was 40, but we drove about 20mph.

There is really not a whole lot to be said about the drive along I-5 from Stockton to Redding, except for the following:

1.  Some time in the last four years, they resurfaced a lot of this road, and let me say - Thank God!  There are parts they are still working on, but oh how much better it is not to be bounced around until your kidneys and bladder are begging for mercy.

2.  It should be a law that crops grown along side the freeway must have signage.  I still don't know if I was looking at olive trees or some sort of nut tree.

3.  Why don't all sections of freeway have Rest Areas every 25 - 30 miles like this part of I-5 does?

We pulled into JGW RV Park about 3:00pm.  Set up was relatively easy - isn't that always the case, just as you are headed home, things start coming together.  All sites in this park are pull through in either direction.  The premium sites all face the Sacramento River if you are in a motor home, or have the back window facing the river if you are a 5th wheel or trailer.  The regular sites are also pull through without the view, but they do have nice cement pads along with a patch of grass.  There is a long patch of grass along the river, and we pulled our chairs out there to enjoy an afternoon beer.

This is how I spent the next few hours.

A picture of our site, #22.

And a few other shots I took on our afternoon stroll.

This is the view out our back window - very relaxing.

If it weren't that I am very anxious to get home and get some lovin' from my grandsons, I would consider staying here a few more days.

As we are getting ready to hit the sack, I can hear the muffled sounds of traffic from I-5 (you can see the park from the freeway), and I do believe I hear rain.  It has been so long since I heard that sound that I cannot be sure.......

Tomorrow we hope to get an early start, and drive at least as far as Eugene, OR.  This will be a first for me - heading out without reservations.  Life is an adventure, eh?

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