Monday, September 28, 2009

A Delightful Day For A Drive

A nice night's sleep.  A beautiful sunrise.  Great morning.

We stopped in to visit briefly with my uncle here in Spokane, and then headed out  for a "Saturday afternoon drive" on Monday morning.  We went eastbound on Highway 2 up to Newport, Washington to take a look at another KM Resort - Old American Kampground.  It was a little more rustic than Ponderosa Falls where we are currently camping, but there were some very nice spots along the Pend Orielle River.  Not alot for the kids to do, but since we don't have any kids with us, it was very appealing.  And the preserve host was an absolute delight, taking the time to talk with us about the area, and give us suggestions on which route to take down to Couer D'Alene.

We drove down to Spirit Lake, and turned off the highway to the boat ramp.  There was a road that appeared to go all around the lake....emphasis on the word "appeared".  It didn't show it on the AAA Map, but it did show an alleged road on the GPS.  Ten miles down the winding narrow road, crossing our fingers that we wouldn't run into any logging trucks, we came to the end of paved road.  Prior experience with logging roads told us to turn around and go back, which we did.  Spirit Lake is very lovely and pristine and I'm glad we took the side trip.

We took Highway 54 (this would be Idaho Highway 54), and then went south on Highway 95 to Couer D'Alene.  I had wanted to explore the area, but it was getting late, and we had one more stop at the R and R RV Store in Liberty Lake and then wanted to say Good Night to my uncle.  So today, all we saw of this lovely resort town just over the Washington Idaho border was a few malls.  Maybe tomorrow.

For now, the grill is being prepped for burgers, and I'm off to cut up some fruit.


  1. Hi Betsy and Kim! Spirit Lake? It's back? I was in Yakima when Mt St Helens decided to show her stuff and I remember Spirit Lake didn't fair too well. If this is the same one, I'm happy to hear that the lake has recovered.

    What a great adventure you are beginning ~ much love and blessings on your travels!

  2. We visited Spirit Lake in Idaho. The Spirit Lake in Washington is on our to see list. We'll let you know!

    You are in the Mount Shasta area, yes? More inland than the coast?