Saturday, September 12, 2009

K/M Resorts

The offices of K/M Resorts is about a mile from Camping World in Fife, Washington.

So a little back story before I continue. My mom and dad had a long time membership with NACO/Thousand Trails. I'm not sure how that happened as my parents were not campers. My dad liked to fish, but otherwise you were more likely to find him inside reading than outside doing anything else. I'm guessing my mom played the fishing card to get him to agree to the membership. Sadly, he never had a chance to use the membership before he passed away. My mom did use the resorts once a year to prepare her income taxes (no phones, no TV - this was before cell phones and satellite TV) and occasionally to take the grandkids camping for a weekend. She only used the rental trailers that were on-site at the reserves. When my mom's health deteriorated, she gave her membership over to me.  By this time, our kids were over 18, and both Kim and I were busy working most of the time.  I did a lot of traveling.  We just never got around to using the membership.  I knew we would, at some point, be buying a rig and traveling around the US and Canada, so I hung on to it, paying the approximately $500 dues each year.  It's been 5 years now. 

Once we knew we were definitely buying a rig, I called NACO/Thousand Trails about what resorts/reserves were available to us, and other details about full time RVing.  Imagine my surprise to find out, that if you read the fine print, if you buy or are gifted a membership from another party, after 3 years, the membership reverts back to a bare minimum basic account.  I had access to only the original NACO resorts.  No access to Thousand Trails.  No access to Leisure Time Resorts.  And when I asked to talk to someone at NACO about options, there was no one available to answer my questions.  I was told there were meetings about upgrading memberships that were held from time to time.  I was peeved that I should have to upgrade a membership that was already at the highest level when it was purchased.  It losts its level because it was given to me.  I'll admit it was in the fine print, but it was never mentioned when my mom called to inquire about transfer of membership.  Why was that?

We sat down at the offices of K/M Resorts with Kevin Bibeau.  Long story short, after describing all the benefits and resort affiliates available through K/M Resorts, and answering my many questions, we got down to talking about money and costs.  We did receive the $2000 credit for purchasing our 5th wheel from Poulsbo RV, and we were offered a very fair trade in value for the limited NACO membership.  Kim and I asked for a few moments to confer, and after some very quick cost comparisons we figured the membership would pay for itself within 6 months.  Yes, there will be annual dues, but I was already paying more than K/M Resort dues to NACO for far less benefits. 

So we took a deep breath, and wrote out a check.  Now normally, I don't spend that kind of money without taking a day to think about it.  And I will say that Kevin did not use the high pressure "This is a one time only offer.  Sign today or the deal's off" tactic.  If he had, I would have walked out the door.  This sales experience was very low key.  The facts were laid out.  All my questions and concerns were answered.  (Thanks to NACO, I knew some appropriate questions to ask).  Did we make the right decision?  I think so.  I'm very happy with the investment.

If you are looking at an RV Resort Membership, we'd like to refer you to Kevin Bibeau at K/M Resorts.  Phone number is 800.392.5722.  The K/M Resort website is  Tell Kevin that Kim and Betsy Brown referred you.  We do get some credit for referrals.  For every referral that attends a presentation, we receive a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden.  If memberships are purchased from those presentations, we receive a $100 cash for the first referral, $200 cash for the second referral, and our Dues Waived For Life for the third referral.  I'm aiming for the Dues Waived For Life level.  It will take the sour taste about NACO, and all the dues I paid to them, away I'm sure! 

So give Kevin a call and listen to what he has to say.  We were extremely pleased with his service!


  1. Well things have changed. There is not security at all the parks and the ones that supposed to, do nothing. You can now go into some of the parks and use all facilities for 5.00 a day, know membership need from an other system. That's right Joe Blow off the street.
    You don't need to read the rules because the rules are never in forced. Should an employee try to in force them management either backs done or fires the employee that is trying to do there job.

    You can phone for a reservation and when ou arrive there are know spaces available. And just guess what the main topic of conversation is around the campfire????? That right just how bad things are getting. Oh yeah did I mention the crushed beer cans left around on the road and the drunks straggling around, yeah I really want the kids to see that.

    Yep really want to pay them 8 grand plus yearly dues that go up by cost of living every year.

    1. We would appreciate a phone call to help clear up your concerns, it sounds like something written by an former employee. We always have room for our members, please call us or write me personally with your name and member number and I would be more than happy to assist you.
      Kelli Abercrombie at the corporate office, 253 896-4677. Thank you

    2. Kelli - it's nice to see that K/M is taking a proactive and assumably customer friendly response to this. Because the original post is almost 2 years old, I doubt they will be contacting you. But I do appauld good customer service.

  2. Our original comment was written in September 2009. It's been over a year since we have been at a K/M Resort to stay. We were blessed with grandbabies, and our camping-full time travel in the RV plans changed. I'm sorry to hear that these resorts have gone down hill.

    One thing I have learned is that I'm not always impressed with the membership type campgrounds. They are not always as clean or well maintained as privately owned one. We have paid one more year of K/M membership dues, but if we find we are not camping much at all, we may look at selling (or just releasing the membership). Time will tell.

  3. We made the mistake of buying a membership, only to discover later that the campgrounds aren't anything at all like the lies that the sales woman laid on us when we purchased. We asked for a refund...

    "Too late" Was the response, followed by "This matter is closed".

    Nice customer service, eh? Guess they don't care about dissatisfied customers after they get your hard-earned money!

  4. I must admit I'm not as impressed with K/M as I would like to be. A few of their resorts are okay, but there are some that I would definitely not utilize. We've been busy with our grandkids and the decision on what to do with the K/M membership has been put on the back burner. We've talked about the TT zone memberships. I'm not sure I'd use those either. Some of their parks are great and some not so much.

    I hope there is a reasonable resolution to both of our situations.

  5. We ended up cancelling our membership with K/M. We just weren't using it at all. I have learned that I prefer the high end campgrounds, most of which do not have "memberships" and I'm willing to pay their fees. Our grandbabies are still babies and we won't be camping or travelling much for a few years. We will wait to see what happens to the various campgrounds over time.

  6. Interesting that you went from gushing to cancelling in four years. We just re-up'd, but only because we haven't figured out how to cancel and don't want dues owing to hammer our credit score. My bone of contention is that we had high pressure at the initial meeting to chose a home park, do it now, make sure it's close by your home, do it now, did I mention do it now?

    So, we chose a home park close to home. We live in the country, aside from RVs packed within 15 feet of each other what we get at our home park is what we get outside our front door. I have contacted KM several times over the years telling them we would be very happy campers (pun intended) if they would simply let us chose a new home park. They either never respond or tell me someone will call, but no one calls. That would cost them absolutely nothing and as a result I'd stop dropping in on every blog I can access and telling this tale.

  7. How odd....why in the world would they not let you change to a different home park. That's just weird.

    The gushing came from a newbie RVer. As we got some travelling and camping under out belts, I found I have more of a 4 to 5 star campground taste. K/M Resorts, IMHO, are closer to 2 stars. I thought the park up in Blaine/Birch Bay, and the one in Elma were okay, but the other parks we visited...well, I wouldn't stay there.

    My husband did a web search, and found a form letter to use to cancel campground memberships. We sent it certified mail, return receipt, and have had no further communication (bills/notices) from them.

    We have friends and relatives that have Thousand Trail regional memberships - $500 a year, no contracts. We've looked into these, and I've visited many of their resorts...some good, some not so good. Those closest to use (Snohomish County) aren't bad, and we may go that route as our grandkids get older and may want to go camping with us over the weekend. We'll see. Once we set out on the road again, I think we will just stick with higher end campgrounds, and pay the higher fee. We do belong to Passport America, and I started following them on Pinterest to get an idea on some of their campgrounds.

    Good luck to you with K/M....perhaps visiting their Fife Office in person and being quite vocal about your experiences may bring results. Also, if you do Facebook, posting your complaints on their page may get some results as well.

  8. Here is the link to the website for information on for stopping companies
    from possibly harassing you to pay dues. This only applies to yearly
    dues and not to membership fees if you didn’t pay them in full at the

  9. KM Resorts is a total scam. High pressure sales tactics, no refunds, and no customer service is the norm. Just do the research. There are tons of stories like this.

    Just waiting on the class action lawsuit now....

  10. Hello again, Betsy,

    So, have you tried Passport America? How do you like it? Are you familiar at all with their discount campgrounds (run about $20 to $40 per night)?

    Are Thousand Trails a mid-range whereas Passport America would be high end?



  11. We are Passport America members, and have used their discounts. I generally like their parks. We haven't signed on with Thousand Trails yet, mostly because we have not been traveling. We are enjoying time at home with our grandsons, four of whom are under the age of 4. Maybe next summer, the babies will be old enough that we will consider taking everyone with us. We'll see.

  12. What are the high end campground around WA that you have found and what are the prices like?

  13. Good question. I haven't stayed in any what I would call high end resorts here in WA. I always check for ideas. We found a really, really nice one in Las Vegas, but they only took motor homes, no 5th wheels, so we couldn't stay there. I think it was called the LVM Resort. Take a look at their website to see what I mean by a high end campground. There are some nice campgrounds here in WA, probably nicer ones in Wine Country (eastern WA) but you know it all depends on what you are looking for. I'm not a "clubhouse" person. I want a nice view, nice amenities should I choose to use them, but mostly we camp for the peace and quiet, to read and enjoy the outdoors/views, and not to socialize.

  14. Betsy,
    Can you point me in the direction you found the form letter? I am SO done with KM Resorts. I have had AWFUL experiences with them the last 2 times we have stayed. One of the time the campground employee actually chased my kids back to the campsite & told them there were no longer allowed to play basketball cause it was quiet was 6:30pm!!! DONE DONE DONE I will never set foot in another KM resort! Not such a family friendly place like they claim!

  15. Jenn, this is the website where my husband found the information:

    Good luck! We had no problem once we sent the letter certified return receipt requested. Of course, we were out our initial payment but we were no longer responsible for dues to campgrounds we did not use.

  16. Thank you for showing me that aweome campground in Nevada! Probably will never make it there, but it looks like my kind of place! We recently went to a KM presentation and the guy kept claiming that their dues never go up...except one year when their was a tax increase. We weren't sure if we should believe him so we didn't sign up. Then they proceeded to tell us we have trust issues...even more reason to walk out the door.

  17. Well, I wouldn't sign up with them again. I am considering a year to year thing with Thousand Trails for next year. It's limited to one "zone" (groups of states) but often if you sign up at their booth at the home show or the RV show, you can get two zones for the price of one. Not 5 star resorts, but the ones I've visited with other family members seemed nice.