Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Next? A Trip to Camping World

Two weeks ago, we drove down to Camping World in Fife, Washington.  (I'm doing blog catch up this weekend).  I've seen the store from the freeway everytime we drive through Fife, and have always wanted to go in and see what they had.  Why?  I have no idea.  We were not campers, although the idea of camping was appealing.  Kind of like the idea of having a farm is appealing.  With farming, there is a lot of work involved and I recognize that the farming lifestyle is probably not for me.  For one thing, I'm pretty lazy.  But camping, on the other hand, sounds like much more my style. 

Anyway, back to Camping World.  Heading south down I-5, we took the first Fife Exit by the Poodle Dog Restaurant.  Now if that brings smiles to your face, I'm guessing you are getting close to retirement age.  The Poodle Dog Restaurant was a landmark in 1950s and 1960s, and honestly, I was surprised to see it was still there.  We drove up and down Pacific Highway South, and just couldn't find where Camping World was.  Lesson learned - print up directions before you leave so you know where you are going.  Just because you can see it from the freeway, doesn't mean you can see if from the surface streets. 

In need of a restroom, we finally stopped at a Dairy Queen, used the facilities, had lunch and Kim asked a gal waiting in the drive-through line if she knew where Camping World was.  Thank You Universe for all the nice people on earth.  This gal worked for the local Harley Davidson dealer, and people often stopped in and ask how to get to Camping World.  She told us that the cross street is Willows.  Incidently, there are no signs that say Camping World with arrows (a shout out the folks a Camping World - signs would be helpful!).  Even driving down Willows, there was no sign showing which driveway to turn into.  We ended up just following the line of motor homes turning into a driveway.  Yay, we finally made it to Camping World.

Now, neither Kim nor I are shoppers.  I enjoy wondering the aisles at the grocery store, and I'm not sure Kim enjoys wondering aisles anywhere, including hardware or automotive stores.  I was surprised when Kim agreed to walk up and down all the aisles with me.  You just never know what you might find.  Oh, we found plenty.  We found RV Camping books, we found wheel chocks, a dish drainer that fits in one of the sinks, domed food covers, an interesting ice cube bottle, an inline water filter, and some watermelon licorice (the last one being for the our pregnant daughter).

As we were leaving, we stopped to chat with a gal from K/M Resorts.  We were laughing because we found brochures up at Poulsbo RV that were promoting a give away of a "brand new 2006 Jeep Cherokee".  We asked how many miles this new 2006 Jeep had on it, or if it had just been stored for 3 years.   During our chat, she asked us if we had a rig, and we shared that we had just bought one from Poulsbo RV.  She asked if we received our $2000 one year free membership to K/M Resorts.  Nope, didn't recall that.  Then the next thing I knew we were following her to the offices of K/M Resorts to get this free membership.

PS:  I wonder what would have happened if we had gone to the Camping World in Burlington, Washington, which is actually closer to where we are currently parked in Snohomish.  I didn't know there was a Camping World in Burlington at the time of our visit, but apparently Kim did.  Sheesh!

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