Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghosts, Gremlins or A Reasonable Explanation

It's Autumn.  It's getting cold at night.  Have I mentioned that every time the propane furnace kicks on, it wakes me up?  We have the thermostat set at 67 degrees.  Last night, it must have been hovering around 66 because the furnace would start and stop, start and stop.  I'd just drift back to sleep, and whammo, the furnace kicked on.  And of course, it's not just one noise - it's two.  First the burner, then the furnace.  So about 1:30am, I get up and lower the thermostate to 65.  Furnace clicks off, and I jump back into bed, hoping to be a happy camper.  At 3:34am, furnace clicks on again.  I rolled over, laying on my back, with the thoughts going through my head, "It's just a noise, it will stop soon.  No, you don't smell propane.  It's just your imagination.  Surely, it's up to 65 by now.  It's just a hot flash.  Take some deep breaths.  It will pass.  No, really, it's got to be warmer than 65 now."  By this time, I've tossed, turned, kicked off the comforter, kicked off the sheet.  I've tried sleeping on my back, on my belly, on my right side, on my left side. No, no, no, I don't want to get up again.  Okay, it's frigging hot in here.  I get up to check the thermostat.  It's set for 98 degrees!  What?  How did that happen?  I tried to turn it down, and I can get the digits to go down to 65, but the minute I try to set it there, it flips back to 98 degrees.

Okay, that did it.  Time for Kim to wake up and do whatever it is that men do to fix things.  Personally, I think it may be a gremlin.  Or maybe my Dad is visiting from beyond the grave.  I have been smelling cigarette and pipe smoke recently.  While Kim is reading through the owners manual, and researching thermostat problems on the internet, I'm calling on my angels and asking for some help.  I need some sleep!


  1. Maybe you should get an electric blanket and not worry about having the furnace on at all... just a thought

  2. Yep, I'd love to do without the furnace at all - thus the trip to Phoenix. I thought I had it down low enough that it would come on at all. Still no idea why it decided to re-set it for 98. We will be looking at either electric blankets, or the electric heater like Maria suggested. Either way, I'd like to sleep through the night - that's for sure!

  3. By the by, to you other RV virgins or wannabes...if this happens again, we now know to take out the fuse on the thermostat for 10 seconds and put it back - the thermostat will re-set itself. This time, it picked 72 degrees. Too much more of this, and it will be replacement time!