Monday, September 28, 2009

Inaugural Voyage

Well, we did it!  For those of you that wondered if we were ever going to get out of the driveway, we did it.  The funny part was that getting out of said driveway was the hardest part of the journey.  We left Snohomish yesterday about 11am - just an hour later than we had planned.  We headed for Spokane.  We headed east on WA State HWY 2, turned south on Hwy 203 to Carnation, then Fall City, Preston and finally east bound on I-90.  We stopped at the Rest Area outside of CleElum for potty breaks and lunch. 

One of the pleasant surprises on the trip was that in one area of agriculture - there were signs on the fences saying what crops were planted there.  It would have been even better earlier in the year when the crops were still growing, but still it was nice.  A new crop to me was 'green manure'. From Wikipedia, " In agriculture, a green manure is a type of cover crop grown primarily to add nutrients and organic matter to the soil. Typically, a green manure crop is grown for a specific period, and then plowed under and incorporated into the soil."  Who knew?  Here I thought it would be harvested and then blended in with other stuff and sold in bags at the garden centers.

We pulled into Ponderosa Falls, a KM resort, just after 5pm.  It took 3 tries to getting the right number of levelling blocks, but other than that, things went without a hitch.  Beginner's luck?  Probably.

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