Sunday, September 13, 2009

LCD Flat Panel TV installation

Our new LCD flat panel TV arrived via UPS the other day. I bought it on-line through TigerDirect. It's a 32" Toshiba and it came packaged with a simple tiltable wall mount and HDMI cable. He reason behind replacing the perfectly good Motorola TV was that it was heavier and took up the entire cabinet in the built-in entertainment center. By making a door to enclose the cabinet and mounting the LCD TV to that I gained all the cabinet room for other stuff, like our HP All-In-One printer.
First I removed the trim frame that went around the original opening. It is made out of solid wood so it is pretty sturdy. I then got a piece of 3/4" A/C plywood and cut it to closely fit the cabinet opening. After some careful measuring and aligning I attached the plywood to the back side of the trim frame to created a door. I then attached the door to the cabinet with a piano hinge. I used some brass screw inserts and machine screws to attach the hinge so it would be stronger. The TV wall mount was then bolted through the plywood and the other part of the mount attached to the TV. The TV then just hooks to the top of the mount and the bottom has latches to secure it. I drilled some 1" diameter holes in the plywood and the bottom of the inside shelf to run all the necessary wiring.
With the tiltable mount and opening the new door part way the new TV is now adjustable for the best viewing angle.
Watched a DVD and so far everything is looking good. Now it's time to order Directv satellite service.

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  1. Oh course, I fussed while all this was going on. Like Kim had mentioned before, this was not something I was used to. You called appropriate repair/work man to do stuff like this.

    I'm learning to trust here. Kim did a fabulous job.