Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gray Water Leak

Learning new lessons the hard way. Last week, I got the gray water tank drain hose set up and drained the two gray water tanks. One for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. The toilet has it's own, separate holding tank called a black water tank. So I got the gray water tanks drained and decided to fill the tanks and drain them again just to sort of flush them out. No idea how long the trailer sat before we bought it. I started running water into the two tanks by turning on the water faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. I figured it would take a while to fill and I went into the house to get some things. I don't think I was gone more than 10 minutes and when I came back outside I immediately noticed water pouring out underneath like rain in a downpour. Panic!! I ran inside to shut off the faucets and was glad to see there wasn't any water inside the trailer. I went back outside and looked under. The entire under side is enclosed with panels. Darn, now I'll have to remove a panel to see how much water is underneath. Oh, well. I was going to pull a panel anyway to run wiring for the new macerator pump I bought (That will be another post). Since the water had stopped pouring out I didn't feel compelled to immediately remove a panel so I let it go for the night. The next day I got underneath and started removing screws to cautiously lower one side of the panel to see if any water was still up there. Wouldn't you know, the propane piping is right there and I had to remove all the clamps holding it in place in order to gently pry it out of the way to lower the edge of the panel. The panels are flexible so it was pretty easy to get it back and out from under the propane piping. Fortunately, the water had all drained out and everything was dry. I'm guessing the kitchen gray water tank, which is only 28 gallons, overflowed through it's vent. After that episode there hasn't been any further mishaps.

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