Monday, March 17, 2014

A Stroll Around The Park And A Score At The Casino

With nothing on the schedule for the day, we decided to take a stroll around the park, and snap a few pictures.

We're from Seattle.  We don't go anywhere without our coffee.

This is the park owner's site.  Pick of the park, no doubt!

Some more sites

Our rig from across the creek

More park scenery

And our site, #42

The sites really are good sized.  Here is a photo of an empty site, and then one with a back hoe so you can get an idea by comparison.

I decided to check out the "older" laundry and bathrooms.  Not bad.

Oh, and they have a nice place to wash your truck or car.  No RVs, boats or ATVs though.

Back to the rig for some breakfast, and then Kim announces he needs some anti-freeze for the truck.  He plans to go up to Temecula to get it, along with some paper for the printer.  Temecula?  How about lunch at the Pechenga Casino?  Well, as long as we are going we might as well stop at Best Buy and Walmart.

So with errands out of the way, off to Pechenga we went.  I was very impressed.  Nice casino.  Not at all smokey inside.  We headed off to the Kelsey's Bar and Grill.

Kim ordered the Club Sandwich with stead fries.

I had the Rueben with sweet potato fries.

Both were yum, yum, yummy!

With lunch out of the way, it was time for a little fun.  We thought about a little 3 card poker, but we used most of our "fun" money getting a new awning and fixing the coolant system of the truck.  It was agreed that $20 each seemed reasonable.  I sat down at a keno machine.  Kim wandered off.  Kim wandered back.  He had made his contribution.  "How are you doing," he asked.  Drum roll please!...........Up $400.  All six of my keno numbers hit on a quarter machine!  I played my winnings down to $400 even, cashed out and walked away.  Kim instituted a new rule....Who ever wins, pays the valet.  I can live with that!

BTW, although we didn't actually see it, it appears that this casino has a beautiful RV Park as well.

Pechanga Resort and Casino RV Park

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