Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hiccup #2 - It Was Bound To Happen.....

I guess for anyone who owns a 5er - it will happen some time or another.  We've had a close call or two, but yesterday it happened.  We had switched to a different site so that our slides were not up in the bushes.  We moved over just one spot to #104 here at Betabel RV Park in San Juan Bautista, CA.  He jockeyed the rig around, got it in the perfect spot.  Leveled and unhooked, closed the tailgate.  We had a few items that we wanted to pick up in Gilroy, and so we hopped back in the truck.  And CLUNK.  Oh fiddlesticks (and if you think that is actually what came out of our mouths, we have some waterfront property in the desert for sale cheap).....Yep, the tail gate has a brand new look to it.   The good news is that we can still get it closed.  I've come to the conclusion that RVs are not expensive to keep - husbands are!


  1. Oh, embarrassment. This happened to us at Yellowstone, only I was in the 5er when he drove out from under it. Yep, our truck has big dents in the top of the truck bed and the tailgate closes on one side now. Thankfully, the whole 5th wheel didn't drop to the ground!! Gravity works quickly, thank goodness!!

  2. There is a product called bed saver that was worth every penny that will catch