Friday, March 28, 2014

Lazy Day in Menifee, CA

My first thought today had been about a visit to the Motte Historical Museum but unfortunately both Kim and I had headaches that were not resolving as quickly as we would have liked.  The antique/old cars will have to wait for another time.

My response was to take some ibuprofen, put my feet up and just rest.  Kim's response was to go change the oil in the truck.  I'm going to guess that makes sense to men, but it was beyond me.

Eventually the headaches faded, and we went for a walk-about around the Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes park.

Saw a few things of interest......

Had never seen a pitched roof on a slide out.

Nor had I seen this type of class C style rig.

And I thought these planters hanging off the pin box were cute.

We found the family pool and lounge, the putt-putt golf course, the pickle ball and shuffleboard courts and the adult lounge.  We decided to sit and enjoy the sunshine by the adult pool, and spotted this hawk's nest.

If I'd had my reading glasses on, instead of my sunglasses, I might have captured the hawk in the picture as well.  I guess my aim was off.

Then near the canals that run through the property, we saw this other nest.  Not sure which kind of birds these are, but I'm pretty sure I saw them swimming.

We fired up the barbecue and enjoyed some brussel sprouts, carrots and onions, tossed with olive oil and vinegar that were cooked in a foil packet, along with a nice rib eye steak for dinner.

Not being basketball fans, we opted for a movie - The Wolf of Wall Street.  Leonardo DiCaprio played the part well, but the movie itself was rather boring.  So much so that when the rig started shaking, I assumed it was Kim jiggling my chair to wake me up.  I looked over at him, and he was wearing a puzzled looked.  We both said, "Earthquake?"  Yep, a 5.3 in LaHabra - about 60 miles west from here.  Checking Facebook, I noticed Kim's aunt and uncle felt it where they are camping in the Palm Springs area.  Friends in Orange and San Diego counties felt it as well.  That's it for Friday's excitement.

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