Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grandbabies, Skype and FaceTime

No way could I do this travel thing without seeing my babies from time to time.  They are growing so fast!

Odin (almost 4 y/o in this picture)

Torren (1 y/o)

Trystan (honorary grandson) 13 y/o holding Torren

Zachary (1 y/o) enjoying his nutella toast

Alex (soon to be 4 y/o) helping mom make cookies

Odin and Alex are two months apart in age, and Torren and Zachary are 3 months part.  It is not quiet time when they all get together!  Boy oh boy, do we miss them!


  1. Thank you Susan - I agree, but then I am just a tad bit biased. We were at Subway yesterday and I watched a little girl just dancing around as she waited her turn in line. I wanted to get up and dance with her like I do my own grandkids, but I didn't want to scare her. LOL.