Thursday, March 20, 2014

Squeegees, Sheets and Other Stuff

Time for a little shout out for a few of my favorite RV things, a gripe, and a request for input.

Squeegees - Four years ago, while staying at my brother-in-law's, I fell in love the squeegee he had in his guest bathroom.  I couldn't wait to get home to get one for the house and one for the RV.  Unfortunately, I never could find that brand at home in Washington State.  When dear BIL sold his house and was moving to another, he gifted me that squeegee.  I have been using it in my own bathroom ever since.  When we packed the RV to head south, I decided to leave the good squeegee at home for the house sitter.  I purchased a new squeegee for the rig.  It was pretty and sparkle-ly.

However, the first time I took a shower, I realized it was useless in the small confines of an RV shower.   The blade is 11.5" and overall it is 12" wide.  There was only one section of the shower stall where I could easily use it.  Dang!

On a trip to Walmart we picked up an O'Cedar squeegee.  One use with that and I remembered how I didn't like that brand because you had to push on it so hard to get the rubber to actually connect with the surface.

Then Kim made a trip to Ralph's (a Kroger affiliate store) for some ice.  And what to his wondering eyes should appear.......a squeegee just like the one Tom gave us, right there!

The blade is just 7.75" wide and fits all but one little section of the shower stall where the wall rounds to connect with the door.  I am now a happy camper!

Sheets - On our last long RV trip, I did battle with sheets on the bed all the time.  I didn't know RV mattresses were shorter than regular mattresses.  We are short people so we just never noticed.  It was such a hassle to change those sheets; we had to use sheet garters to keep them on the bed.  It always took both of us to do this.  One to hold the mattress up off the bed frame, and one to hook on the garters.  Then I found RV sheets on Amazon.  You long term RVers probably knew this, but it was a very pleasant surprise for me.  And I love these sheets.  They stay nice and cool at night.  Not only does the bottom sheet fit, but the top sheet has a fitted bottom!   Here's a link to the ones I bought.  I'm not affiliated with the company.  One of these days I'll figure out how to do a screen shot on my MacBookPro.

Queen Sized RV Sheets I Got From Amazon

My other new purchase before we left on this trip was one of the NuWave Induction Cook Tops; the single burner one.  I didn't buy it from the TV infomercial, because I wasn't sure I was going to like it, so I didn't want to do the BOGOF offer in case I had to send it back.  I just went to Walmart and bought it from their "As Seen On TV" Department.  I've been very pleased with it.  It makes great fried chicken and great pork chops.  Here's their website, but my disclaimer is this - watch for all the added extras for which you just pay "shipping and handling"  Some of those fees are outrageously high.  I'm pleased with mine, but like I said, I got it at Walmart so there were no added fees.  I also made a trip to Ikea to get the pans that have the induction symbol on the bottom.  I had priced other induction pans at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Ikea's were less expensive and a better quality, IMHO anyway.  Unfortunately my T-fal pans, that I love, wouldn't work with the induction cooktop, but the ones I got from Ikea work just fine.

NuWave Induction Cooktop/Burner

Now for my little, itty, bitty gripe.  I've been reading lots of RV and travel blogs recently.  It may get boring or repetitive to continually make mention of where you are, especially if you are somewhere long term, but please do it anyway.  Lots of times people mention parks or towns or restaurants, and I have no idea where the are.  I may go back a few entries to see if it is readily apparent in a previous post, but more often than not, it isn't.  So pretty please, let your reader's know where you are.  We may want to visit there too!  We are currently camping at Champagne Lakes RV Park in Escondido, CA.  I really like it here.

Tomorrow we are off to visit the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park.  We've signed up for a Caravan Safari. I'm quite excited to go.  If you've been and have any insights you like to share or don't miss opportunities, please share let me know.

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