Thursday, March 20, 2014

San Diego Museum Of Art Or Not

One of the things I have wanted to do on this trip was to visit some art museums.  This is really not high on Kim's list of things to do.  I like to look at paintings and photography.  His taste runs more toward artifacts and history.  I'm lucky he has been willing to visit the California Missions.  I get to enjoy the artwork and tranquility of the missions and gardens, and he gets to look at and read about the history.

Convincing him that he should visit the San Diego Museum of Art with me was a lost cause.  Lucky for me, I have a friend here in the area that is an artist and she agreed to take me.   So on Wednesday morning, we were off!

And the lesson for that day was "Check the website to make sure the museum is actually open"  Yes, that's right.  We made our way to Balboa Park only to find out the museum was closed on Wednesdays.  Disappointed, yes, but nothing we could do about it.  Looking for the positive in the experience, we found excellent parking right by the Balboa Park Shuttle at Inspiration Point.  Parking was free.  The park itself is free, and absolutely beautiful!  And huge!  The Timken Art Museum was open, and free to the public.  It's a smaller collection but some lovely pieces.   It was fun to go with an artist who could actual point out things that I would have missed.  I wish I could have taken pictures so I would not have to resort to links to share this artwork.

One of my favorite pieces was done by John F Peto called In The Library.

And this one by Emanuel de Witte called Interior of the Nieuwe Kerk

And this still life by Anonymous

We also were able to take in the Botanical Building, where I was able to snap some pictures.

Some flowering plants - mostly orchids I think.

And some others that looked cool

This one (below) is my favorite!

This one comes in a close second!

These shots are random ones of the grounds and buildings around the Botanical Building and the Art Museum.

And to prove to Kim that there was something for him to enjoy.....

To see everything there was to see here, would take a few days.  Some day I will go back, and take Kim with me.  There are far more of "his kind" of museums there than there were "mine."

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