Friday, March 14, 2014

My First Visit To SmashBurger

One of the fun things about visiting new areas is getting to sample different fast food.  Now don't get me wrong; I enjoy a wonderful meal where one has a salad and a serving of vegetables with the entree.  But honestly, sometimes we just get so busy that we forget to eat and then fast food is the answer.  It's always good to expand your experience with the different fast food chains so you can order quickly and get down to eating, and if you are anything like me, dripping grease or ketchup all over your clothes.  It's a fair trade off for me.

Today's discovery was Smashburger in San Marcos, CA.  I thought maybe they were just a local chain, but I checked their website and it appears they are all over the country.  Well, not ALL over.  We do not have one in Washington State yet.  I hope we will soon.  Of course, I'm still wishing for an In and Out Burger in the Seattle area too.

Kim ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger

And a chocolate shake

 My friend Leila and I split a chicken avocado burger
with Smash Fries - which are tossed with olive oil, rosemary and garlic

Deep Fried Pickles

We all came away very satisfied.  This was my first experience with deep fried pickles.  My daughter has been singing their praises for years.  I think she has them at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA every August.  For some reason, I thought they would be huge deli type pickles that had been deep fried.  What a pleasant surprise to find they were more pickle chips with a very tasty dippin' sauce!

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