Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let's Go Check Out Escondido

But I didn't mean the industrial section.  Unfortunately, that was all we found.  I'm sure there is more to the city because I've had people tell me that they really like Escondido.  I'm thinking they were somewhere I wasn't.

We headed out with the intention of finding a grocery store and a place for me to get a pedicure.  The idea was that Kim would drop me off at the nail salon and then he would go to the grocery store.  We turned left out of the Champagne Lakes RV Park, and headed south on Old Hwy 395.  We kept going and going and going.  It got more industrial and more industrial.  My bright idea was to try on the other side of I-15.  We found more industrial parks with an occasional fast food food joint.  As time passed by, having pretty toenails became less of a priority.  My stomach was growling and water alone wasn't cutting it.  Let's just go back and have lunch at "home" and then go over to the Farmer's Market at the Welk Resort.

Just as we found a sign to I-15, Kim spotted a landmark he recognized.  Apparently, we had looped around through Escondido's industrial section and wound up in San Marcos - near Camping World.  I thought "Good, we know where we are and we can be back in the trailer, having lunch, in about 15 minutes."  Then Kim turned west instead of east.  I forget that his hearing is not so good anymore, and apparently my stomach was not growling loud enough for him to hear.  We had one of those husband-wife discussions.  You know the ones that start with "Why did you do THAT?"  I get a little cranky when I'm hungry.  Just as he was getting ready to turn around and head back to the RV Park, I spotted a Denny's.  Somewhere I had a coupon for BOGOF....not with me of course, but I had one which made stopping there appealing.  Low and behold, what was next door?  A nail salon!  

Time out here for a little observation on the differences in communities.  Where we live, there is a nail salon in every strip mall for as far as our truck can drive on a tank of fuel.  Not so much here in Southern California, at least where we have been recently.  It was similar to when we moved to Mobile, Alabama in the early 1990s.  We're from the Seattle area and it didn't occur to us that there would not be a Starbucks or some drive-through espresso stand on every corner.  But I digress....

The Denny's was not real busy.  I guess 2pm is after the lunch crowd and that explains why my stomach was growling.  We had a great experience at this Denny's on San Marcos Blvd, less than a mile west of Camping World.  The waitress steered me toward the Roast Beef Cobb Salad, and it was absolutely wonderful.  I may have to find another Denny's somewhere along the way to have this dish again!

Kim had second breakfast - french toast, poached eggs, sausage and bacon.

With my tummy now happy, I went next door to the nail salon.  I didn't write down the name of the salon or the sweet young girl that did my pedicure.  I was reading some entertainment magazine and she kept saying "Excuse me" every time she wanted to ask me if I wanted this or that service.  I believe she was Vietnamese, and their voices are so soft, I could barely hear her.  One time, I swear she asked me if I wanted my heels dyed.  After I asked her to repeat herself 3 times, and I still didn't understand, I just said, "No thank you".  Do my heels look like they needed to be dyed?  Do people actually do that?  Who checks out someone else's heels?

She did a very nice job on my toenails......although I maybe didn't need such a close up shot of them and my huge bunion.

We have a long term relationship, Mr Bunion and I.  I keep thinking I'm going to have bunion surgery, but I've heard mixed reviews from people about whether they are glad they had it or not.  I'd love to hear your opinion, if you have had the surgery.  My bunion is not particularly painful, but finding shoes that don't hurt is a challenge.  My current choices are generally flip-flops, crocs, or sneakers.

Now that I had my pedicure out of the way, we headed back toward the park.  About 2 miles down the road is the Welk Resort.  I believe this is a vacation time-share type place.  It looked really nice from the outside.  I wasn't interested in a tour.  The golf course looked pleasant, but all I can judge by is how the greens look, because I don't play golf, so I wouldn't have a clue.  We stopped here for the Monday Farmer's Market.  There were only 4 or 5 fruit and veggie booths.  The rest were open air market sales.  Some cool stuff.  Kim and I each bought a hat (in preparation for our day at the Safari Park).  Here are a few shots that turned out.  It was pretty bright out and I couldn't see the screen well enough to tell what I was shooting.

I thought the little yard do-dads were cute.  It is hard to tell but they are all basically beetles,  playing.  Other than our new hats, we didn't find anything we couldn't live without.  I think I will go back next Monday for some strawberries - they looked and smelled really good.  I didn't buy any because we had some in the refrigerator.....had being the operative word.  Dessert last night?  Strawberry shortcake!

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