Friday, March 28, 2014

Hemet, California

We headed off to Hemet this morning, primarily in search of Vanilla Nut Maxwell House International Coffee and my new favorite oatmeal from BetterOats called Lavish Dark Chocolate.  As long as we were there, we might as well stop at the bank.

The first topic of discussion was why Hemet was there.  Well, actually it started when we went through Winchester, just before Hemet, where we found an easy access post office to mail some post cards and bills I've been carrying around.  All we saw on the main street was the post office, a market,  a gas station and two restaurants.  This all brought on the question, why is this here?  Apparently, Winchester is primarily an agricultural community and services sprung up in response to needs of the community.  There is a population of approximately 2500 people.  And what about Hemet you ask?  Hemet has a population of 78,000+.  The four main industries are retail trade, health services, educational services and government.  The biggest employer is the school district.  I'd have to guess that this is generally a bedroom community that services bigger cities (with large industries) in San Diego and Riverside Counties.

At any rate, we found the post office in Winchester, and a Super Walmart and a US Bank in Hemet.  We also found a Polly's Pies.  Kim swears I plan all outings based on my stomach so that he is forced to buy me lunch.  With every kind of restaurant available, I picked one I'd never heard of.   It was a good choice.  Having my mind on pie, I ordered a half grilled ham and cheese sandwich and a cup of pea soup.

Kim chose the deluxe grilled cheese (4 different kinds of cheese) sandwich and fries.

We had the discussion of whether or not to get pie to go; we were too full to eat anymore right then.  The Diet Angels won out, and we decided against pie - a decision we regretted at about 8pm that evening.

We have friends in the Seattle area that asked us to keep an eye out for a special top shelf tequila and a top shelf brandy.  Liquor prices are much much cheaper in California than they are in Seattle.  Interestingly, however, beer and wine prices are comparable to what we pay at home.  Anyway, we found a store called Mega Liquor (at least that was what the website was called - the store name might have been something else), where we found the brandy, but alas not the tequila.  What I loved was the sign above the front door:

I guess we passed the test as they most graciously served us, and went out of their way to see if they could find that tequila.

Because I was whining the other day about missing all the spring blooming flowers in our yard, my daughter sent a few pictures.  My daffodils are out.  The dogwood has not yet bloomed.  The grass is definitely greener (and longer) than when we left.

I wonder if the weeding angels will visit before we get home?  The flower beds need some cleaning up it appears.

Very happy to see some flowers on the forsythia as it had a major pruning last fall.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring........................

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  1. It's been raining on the weekend otherwise Tom would have been out to mow. I would be surprised if the weeding fairies visited, lol.